Need/Problem Statement

This Irish based client had a problem of each project needing different skill sets and CMS platforms. They needed a wide variety of skill sets like Joomla, Wordpress, Roxen, Sharepoint, HTML5, CSS3, flashetc for different projects. Because of this bottleneck, they we reunable to accept many projects.

Infrastructure & Personnel

  • C#.NET [2 resources]
  • Sharepoint [1 resource]
  • HTML/CSS [3resources]
  • MobileDevelopers [2 resources]
  • QA [2 resources]
  • Project Manager [1resource]

Setup multiple platforms like Sharepoint, Oracle DB etc & set up avirtual window for daily communication with our partner, WEB Factory

MTTL Solution

  • Resource base with HTML5, CSS3, Icomoon, Bootstrap including buildmanagement/Dev Ops
  • Used Grunt, Bower and Yeoman for continuous integration
  • Resource strained in responsive design integrated with CMS editing deployed to Sharepoint 2013.
  • Separate SOP for Webfactory projects w.r.t communication, steering committee, training etc.

Moldtek Value Addition - 

Resources set up in 1 Week; Technology Infrastructure set up in 4 days

  • 4 week program on coding standards, processes and project specific set-ups [Oracle, Grunt, Sharepoint]
  • Initiated Roxen training for 3 resources
  • Fixed team of 6 resources trained for Webfactory
  • Cost savings to the tune of 50% but at quality standards better than International standards
  • Continuous integration enabled the client to see updates daily

Success Story

Webfactory is more flexible to accept jobs that require multiple skill sets.Received excellent feedback on work procedures and the speed at which we setup various platforms in place.

In addition to that, we have a go-ahead to start building join texpertise in ROXEN so that we can accept projects with 21 newend-clients who need Roxen skills.

Technology Skillset

C#.Net, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Grunt