Need/Problem Statement

Needed IOT based product for enterprise customers in 3 months with as data layer, C# for business layer and Xamarin for Front end. They needed to quickly form a cross functional team comfortable with AGILE execution.

Technology & Personnel

  • C# developers [10]
  • Xamarin Developers [4]
  • Project Manager [1]
  • iOS developers [4]
  • Android developers [4]
  • QA [4]
  • Technical Architect [2]
  • Code Management [4]
  • QA Manager [1]

VisualStudio Online set up and daily code integration with German team for demos. Even set up a virtual window for daily communication with our partner, YourSL.

MTTL Solution

Opted SF Lightning like development

  • Visualstudio online integrated with
  • Used Angular JS single page app to bring Drag-n-Drop functionality. Unlike Lightning, this can support mobile apps perfectly
  • Used GitHub/Bamboo for continuous integration & collaboration. Truly agile process with 14 day sprints.

Mold-Tek Value Addition - 

Formed 42 member team within a month

  • 5 Developers, 1 QA, 1 Dev-Ops in each team supported by central QA team
  • Completely streamlined process and scrum certified project managers
  • ISTQB certified quality specialists proficient in manual and automation testing
  • Separate ODC with access controls and perfect communication protocol
  • Cost savings to the tune of 50% but at quality standards better than International standards
  • Continuous integration enabled the client to see updates daily

Technology Skillset

C#.Net, Android, iOS, Xamarin,, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3


  • A fully functioning mobile application for retail execution & tracking
  • Modular releases using 2 week sprints with separate version control resources
  • 42 member team to be completely retained for enhancements and support
  • Demos and POCs based on actual business process for different customers

Success Story

Using Angular JS, we overcame limitations of Lightning framework

  • Prototype appreciated by Global R&D team
  • Received excellent reviews from global enterprise customers
  • Within 2 months, Your SL started 4 member team just to build POCs for their sales team