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Mold-Tek offers both CRM specific packages and Cloud consulting solutions.

Salesforce Automation

To truly optimize your sales program, you need to provide your salespeople with appropriate CRM tools. However, achieving maximum results requires more than simply implementing a CRM system. It also requires user adoption and aligning rewards & incentives to performance, among other key actions.

Mold-Tek offers both CRM specific packages and Cloud consulting solutions. Salesforce.com allows for powerful automation, making the processes you perform on a regular basis more streamlined.

Elements such as the status of a contact in the sales pipeline, contact reminders, and more industry-specific tasks can be customized and then, set to run your schedule. This new level of efficiency drives sales like never before, ensuring that everyone works at maximum efficiency through deviation reports and dashboards.

We specialize in all aspects of Salesforce.com: from lead collection, to high-level opportunity management, to providing the tools to manage sales, marketing, and customer service activities. We also tailor SF to your current system so that the applications can be seamlessly integrated into each user's daily workflow, for optimal performance.

Approvals and Workflow Tools help us create custom workflow rules and triggers based on any business event or elapsed time period. They can be easily modified as per our needs.

Health Care

Healthcare in India is said to be on-par with that of most developed countries.

It has now become more important that hospitals not only provide the best-of-class service, but also develop the right engagement and brand positioning to connect doctors with patients.

Mold-Tek is revolutionizing Healthcare through salesforce.com

  • Mold-Tek is one of the few cloud alliance partners of salesforce.com in India providing solutions to CARE group, Global Hospitals and many more through Salesforce.com's CLOUD solution.
  • Salesforce.com integrates best with internal HIS systems and comes with extensive customization possibilities. (This is why salesforce.com is the #1 CRM in the world today).

The following are major advantages Salesforce.com can bring to Hospitals.

  • Referral Management: Empower your sales team to drive more referrals to your facilities.
  • Lead and Campaign Management: Administer targeted campaigns with measurable ROI.
  • Corporate Sales: Develop a 360-degree view of your corporate clients. Offer customized package based on client needs.
  • International Patient Management: Tap into the booming medical tourism wave with an end-2-end solution from managing enquires to fulfillment of service.
  • Reporting with advanced analytics: Gain insights into referral trends, campaign effectiveness and competition strengths to make intelligent decisions on-the-fly.

The following are appropriate for hospitals of any size.

  • Tour Plan management - Categorizing your physicians and leads into A, B, C categories and planning monthly visit/call schedules for sales team. Approvals by management and monitoring deviations from plan through reminders and alerts - This can be combined with GPS tracking to ensure sales team visits as per plan.
  • Estimation Desk management - Seamlessly assign sales team with people who schedule procedures at your centers.
  • Loyalty program Management - Improve your interaction with customers. Listen to what people are saying on social platforms. Tie loyal customers to discount offers, campaigns & health plans. Increase their interaction with sales team & generate auto feedback from every treatment/test.

Dealer Management & Tour Planning

Integrate OEMs/ manufacturers, sales team, dealer networks and end-customers

Keeping in tune with the market demands and evolution of best practices, Mold-Tek Technologies Limited decided to follow lean processes for high quality delivery and quick turnaround at minimal costs.

Through our customer Salesforce.com solution, you can smartly streamline distributor's entire operations, while providing the manufacturer a window into select areas of his distributor's operations and vice versa.

Moreover, as Salesforce DMS is delivered on Cloud, you can avail the entire suite of product over the Internet, which gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a button. Besides, Cloud delivery model ensures minimal investment and quick go live, a boon for companies looking to reduce TCO.

Distributor Management

Salesforce DMS can even act as an extended capability through real-time integration across core functions such as manufacturing, finance, sales. Through the power of our solution, you can combine this with sophisticated reporting and analytics to drive real-time LEAN manufacturing.

  • Get a direct view into the performance of your dealers.Recruit, onboard, train, and support your indirect sales channels to increase dealer engagement.
  • Deploy a fully branded dealercommunity, via Community cloud.Easily adopt and extend your dealer community to support specific dealer needs. Share business processes and data with dealer to better collaborate on deals.
  • Seamlessly connect to dealerif he uses Salesforce. Connect, share, and update Salesforce data. Get stock information, daily demand datafrom distributor.
  • Help sales and dealers to succeed from anywhere. Dealer can post questions and access critical infoand also register deals, update opportunities, or even request funding - all from any device.

Monitoring Sales Team

We believe in empowering the sales team in order to monitor them.Tour Plan helps Sales Representatives who are assigned Geography wise, Speciality wise and Route wise dealers to visit and follow up.

  • Sales can access product catalogues, history of sales and account details like preferred products, offers, stock etc. from anywhere.
  • Categorize all customers into A B C categories and set calendar for the entire month based on set frequencies of visiting.
  • Identify important meetings and ask approval from manager in advance for accompanying him. Auto-generate mails every week updating schedules.
  • Post approval, manager can monitor daily deviations and track sales team through GPS check-ins and compulsory fields in MOM.

Every detail has been carefully thought to plan manager's activities as well. He can see real time reports instead of meeting the team after a week. He can identify and reward top performers, collaborate with his team effectively.

How we deliver Success (AGILE)

  • 1. Our team comes with a strong coding background

    • 45 SF developers typically have 2 years in OOPS & Java-script with 3 years SF development. They are well versed with APEX, VF, Web Services
    • 16 Mobile Developers have 2 years in .NET OR Java with at least 3 years on Native Android or iOS. They are trained in XAMARIN suite.
    • 9 UX Developers are well versed with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS and other related technologies
    • Strong 15 member quality assurance team led by ISTQB certified functional specialists. We follow Test-Driven Development approach.

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